Abdallah Mohamed

Associate Head Undergraduate, Associate Professor of Teaching

Computer Science
Other Titles: Associate Head Undergraduate
Office: SCI 200B
Phone: 250.807.8247
Email: cmps.AssociateHeadUndergrad@ubc.ca

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Software engineering; decision support systems (model driven and data driven); component-based software development; creative higher education.

Courses & Teaching

Computer fluency; computer creativity; programming; database systems; machine architecture; parallel computing.




PhD University of Calgary

Research Interests & Projects

My research is focused on decision support systems (DSS). This involves studying and developing novel methodologies that integrates concepts and techniques, such as optimization techniques and expert systems, to support informed decision-making. Such methodologies could be used when decisions are to be made in complex, uncertain, and/or dynamic environments. For example, I have developed an approach that integrates expert systems along with optimization techniques for analyzing the impact of software component mismatches when integrated into different software systems. I have also developed a novel technique that can be used to generate diversified solution alternatives for optimization-based DSS systems.

Part of my research efforts are devoted to fostering quality and creativity in higher education. I am currently involved in several initiatives that investigate and propose techniques to improving current state of practice of higher education learning. The aim is to improve the learning experiences of students. You can find a list of pedagogical projects I am interested in or currently working on. If you have an idea to improve the teaching/learning practices at UBC Okanagan, I would be happy to discuss it with you and investigate possible ways to secure the resources required to implement this idea.

Selected Grants & Awards

IKBFOS Curricular and Teaching Innovation Grant- Flexible, Inclusive, and Expandable Courseware for Computer Programming Education  2023

IKBFOS Curricular and Teaching Innovation Grant- Stimulation of Academic Motivation through a Habit-forming Online Learning System   2021

UBCO ALT-2040- Developing Personalized, Expandable Learning Modules for CS1 Programming 2020

IKBSAS Curricular Innovation Award- Improving Student Engagement and Learning in an Introductory Programming Course using Flipped Classrooms 2018

IKBSAS Initiative Funds- Developing Personalized, Expandable Learning Modules for CS1 Programming 2020


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