Graduate Student FAQs

Can you review my application and let me know if I have a good chance of acceptance?

  • No. Applications are never reviewed until they are complete, including the reference letters and application fee, paid in full. Please do not send any transcripts, CVs or files to faculty directly.

Is there a way to waive the application fee?

  • No

Is it necessary to select a supervisor during the application process?

  • Computer Science: No. You need to select up to three areas of research that interest you. For example, you can select computer vision, database systems, and any research area in computer science.
  • Math and Statistics: No. All files are ranked without examining the suggested supervisor portion. If you are successful and no desired supervisor was selected, then we will aim to find the best supervisor for your research. If you are successful and the desired supervisor was selected, then that individual will be given a chance to further review your file.
  • Medical Physics: No. Supervisors are assigned after 2-3 months in the program
  • A list of research faculty can be found on the contact page

The application requirements state that I must have a BSc/MSc in the discipline “or related degree”. How do I know if my degree is a related degree?

  • Computer Science: Acceptable degrees are usually computer science, computer engineering, and data science. Your degree must include core computer science courses, such as programming, data structures and algorithms, AI, databases, web programming, operating systems, and computer networks.
  • Math and Statistics: The Mathematics program requires that you are comfortable with Abstract Algebra (Groups, Fields, etc.), Analysis (norm spaces, compactness, etc.), PDEs (Fourier series, Heat equation, Runge-Kutta, etc.), and Statistics (probability distributions, linear regression, etc). If your degree includes upper-year courses in at least three out of these four subjects, then you are encouraged to apply.
  • Medical Physics: Acceptable degrees will include those whereby the candidate has a working knowledge (equivalent to 3rd or 4th year level) of quantum mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and a collection of related topics (e.g. but not limited to statistical mechanics, optics, atomic/nuclear physics, fluid mechanics etc).

The principal language of instruction in my last degree was English. Do I need to take an English literacy test?

  • No

I didn’t pass my English literacy exam. Can I still apply?

  • If you do not meet the English literacy requirements set by the College of Graduate Studies, then your application will be automatically rejected without review.
  • The requirements can be found on the College of Graduate website.

I already have an MSc from another institution. Can I apply to an MSc?

  • UBC policy includes a statement that students cannot complete the same degree twice. If you have a degree from another university that is “the same” as the degree you are applying for, then your application will be rejected.

I already have a PhD from another institution. Can I apply for a PhD?

  • UBC policy includes a statement that students cannot complete the same degree twice. If you have a degree from another university that is “the same” as the degree you are applying for, then your application will be rejected.

The submission deadline has passed, can I still apply?

  • The review process begins immediately after the submission deadline passes. Applications that are completed on-time are reviewed first and offers are made to those applications before any other applications are reviewed. Applications that are submitted late are only considered if sufficient funding remains after the first-round applications are considered. In most years this means that late applications are not considered.

One of my references failed to submit on time, is there something I can do?

Yes, contact for instructions.

When can I expect a decision?

The application review begins in mid-January. We have many applications and endeavour to read all of them carefully before making any decisions. As such, the process can be long. Offers are typically sent by mid-March but can take until late April. Only successful applicants are contacted.

What is the cost of tuition?
• Tuition rates can be found on the Academic Calendar.

How will I be funded?

Graduate funding is based on a combination of merit-based scholarships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. Funding levels can be found at:
Computer Science
Math and Statistics
Medical Physics

Can I come as an unfunded student?

If you have an external scholarship or company that will cover your expenses, then please make this clear in your cover letter. Otherwise, we will only accept students when sufficient funding is available.

  • Students that wish to fund their studies through “personal resources” are not considered.

Do you have a January admission program?

January admissions exist. However, direct acceptance to January admission is very limited. Scholarship and teaching assistantship funding are typically unavailable for January. As such, applying for January admission is not recommended.
• If you are accepted to September admission, then you may request a delay to a January admission. Such requests are typically approved when reasons are provided. E.g., if a visa application is not processed on time, then a Sept admission student can request a delay to January admission. However, such changes will impact teaching assistant positions and may also impact entrance scholarships.

Do you have a course-based option?
• Computer Science: Yes, however, the acceptance rate in this stream is very low. Applying for a project-based option is not recommended.
• Mathematics, Statistics, and Medical Physics: No.

Application Fee Waivers 

The application fee is waived only in the following circumstances:

  • For international applicants whose citizenship and correspondence address is located in one of the world’s least developed countries, as declared by the United Nations. These countries include but are not limited to Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, and Uganda. Complete list of eligible countries.
  • Seniors: BC residents who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents aged 65 years or over at the time of application.

If you are eligible for an application fee waiver, you do not need to apply for it. You will not be asked for a fee when you complete the online application.

Program Specific Inquiries

Computer Science 

Dr. Mohamed Shehata
Graduate Program Coordinator


Dr. Warren Hare
Graduate Program Coordinator

Medical Physics

Dr. Christina Haston
Graduate Program Coordinator