Cynthia Araujo

Adjunct Professor

Medical Physics, Physics
Other Titles: Senior Medical Physicist, BC Cancer Agency, Centre for the Southern Interior

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Safe and effective use of radiation for the treatment of cancer including external beam and brachytherapy technique development and verification; implementation of new technology in radiation therapy; use of imaging in treatment planning and treatment verification.

Research Interests & Projects

I am interested in research which focuses on the safe and effective use of radiation for the treatment of cancer. Just as technology changes the world we live in, it changes how we treat patients with cancer. With technology advances there are opportunities to develop improved treatments for patients. These new treatments have the potential to improve outcomes, reduce unwanted side effects and reduce the length of treatment time.

One project involved the development of a radiation treatment of the entire scalp producing a uniform radiation dose distribution and limiting the dose to underlying brain tissues. This development made use of the Volumetric Arc Therapy (VMAT) technology developed by Dr. Karl Otto during his PhD studies in Medical Physics undertaken at the BC Cancer Agency and UBC Vancouver campuses. This technology is available clinically through his collaboration with Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Development of a Micro-simulation Model for Breast Cancer to Evaluate the Impacts of Personalized Early Detection Strategies. R Rajapakshe, C  Araujo, C Vandenberg, B Parker, S Smithbower, C Baliski, S Ellard, L Kovacic, M Reed, S Tyldesley, G Fyles, R Mlikotic, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8539, 372-379, 2014

Ultrasound-planned High-Dose-Rate Prostate Brachytherapy: Dose painting to the dominant intra intraprostatic lesion. J Crook, A Ots, M Gaztañaga, M Schmidt, C Araujo, M Hilts, D Batchelar, B Parker, F Bachand, M Milette, Brachytherapy Journal, 13(5), 433-441, 2014

Radiation Oncology and Medical Physicists Quality Assurance In British Columbia Cancer Agency Provincial Prostate Brachytherapy Program. M Keyes, J. Morris, I. Spadinger, C. Araujo, A. Cheung, N. Chng, J. Crook, R. Halperin, V. Lapointe, S. Miller, H. Pai, T. Pickles, Brachytherapy Journal, 12 (4), 343-355, 2013

A randomized trial comparing seed displacement of coated seeds to regular loose seeds at 30 days postimplant. D Bowes, M Gaztañaga, C Araujo, D Kim, B Parker, D Batchelar, M Milette, R Rajapakshe, D Petrik, R Halperin, J. Crook, Brachytherapy Journal, 12(4), 362-367, 2013

Characterization of Varian on-board imaging systems for use in automatic exposure control software. D. Morton, R. Rajapakshe and C. Araujo, Proc. SPIE 8668, Medical Imaging 2013: Physics of Medical Imaging, 86685Z (March 6, 2013); doi:10.1117/12.2007646

Ultrasound-CT fusion compared with MR-CT fusion for postimplant dosimetry in permanent prostate brachytherapy, D Bowes, JM Crook, C Araujo, D Batchelar, Brachytherapy 12 (1), 38-43, 2013

Defining a magnetic resonance scan sequence for permanent seed prostate brachytherapy postimplant assessment. D. Bowes, J. Crook, R. Rajapakshe, C. Araujo, B. Parker, Brachytherapy Journal, 12 (1), 25-29, 2013

Implications of CT-imaging for Post-plan Quality Assessment in Prostate Brachytherapy. D. Petrik, C. Araujo, D. Kim, R. Halperin, J. Crook, Brachytherapy Journal, 11 (6), 435-440, 2012


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