Mostafa Mohamed, PhD

(He, Him, His)


Computer Science
Office: SCI 200E

Research Summary

My interests span a broad range of areas including Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, Embedded Systems, Data Science, the Internet of Things, Decision Support, Data Analytics, Big Data, Medical Image Processing, Parallel Processing, GPU Acceleration, and Cloud Computing. I am always eager to explore new fields and expand my horizons.

Courses & Teaching

COSC 111 101 2023W2 Computer Programming I
COSC 301 101 2023W1 Introduction to Data Analytics
COSC 305 101 2023W2 Project Management
DATA 301 101 2023W2 Introduction to Data Analytics
DATA 534 101 2023W2 Web and Cloud Computing
COSC 448A 106 2023W2 Directed Studies in Computer Science
COSC 304 101 2023S1 Introduction to Databases
COSC 322 001 2023S1 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
DATA 553 001 2023W1 Privacy, Security and Professional Ethics


I am a multifaceted professional with roles as a developer, entrepreneur, and researcher. My academic journey includes a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt, followed by a Ph.D. in Software Engineering from the University of Calgary.

In my entrepreneurial ventures, I have been dedicated to creating innovative products. I thrive in environments that bring together skilled individuals who are committed to enhancing their abilities and embracing new technologies. I believe in the power of continuous learning, a journey I see as more rewarding when shared with others. Making new connections is, to me, an essential part of enriching life’s experiences.


PhD in Software Engineering, Calgary University

Selected Publications & Presentations


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