Rebecca Feldman

Assistant Professor

Medical Physics, Physics
Currently on leave
Phone: 250.807.8691

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

Medical Imaging, MRI, Pulse Sequence Design, Image Processing, Translational Imaging

Courses & Teaching

Physics, Waves


Brain Art – Magnetic Resonance Made Images


PhD University of Western Ontario

Research Interests & Projects


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a powerful tool used to visualize and investigate disorders and diseases of the human body. Pulse sequences used in MRI have taken advantage advances in radio frequency (RF) coil hardware to accelerate the acquisition of conventional imaging, and promise to make techniques such as magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging, and non-proton imaging easier to implement in clinical and translational work. However, these techniques remain sensitive to variations technical challenges, such as time limitations, power deposition constraints, and inhomogeneities in both the static (B0) field and the RF (B1) field.

My research rest on a foundation of MR physics, engineering, and medical research to focus on both technical innovation and translational research. My goal is to develop, implement, and integrate novel MRI tools and techniques and translate the techniques to clinical research to facilitate better in vivo imaging of human disorders and diseases.

Technical Innovation

The goal of my research is to develop novel hardware and pulse sequence tools which can be leveraged to accelerate and enhance magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging, non-proton imaging, and accelerated imaging tools.

Translational Imaging

I am interested in exploring the ways in which MRI can be used to guide detection, characterization, diagnosis, and treatment of neurological disorders and diseases.

Selected Publications & Presentations

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