Rebecca Tyson


Office: SCI 386
Phone: 250.807.8766

Graduate student supervisor

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Research Summary

Mathematical biology and spatial ecology; mathematical models of ecological systems; the development and analysis of mathematical and computational models; cyclic predator-prey populations.

Courses & Teaching

Mathematical biology; partial differential equations; ordinary differential equations; numerical analysis.



PhD University of Washington

Research Interests & Projects

  • Mathematical Modelling in Spatial Ecology
  • Modelling the Dispersal Behaviour of Wild and Sterile Codling Moths
  • Modelling the Recolonization of Second-Growth Forest Stands by the North American red squirrel, Tamiasciurus hudsonicus
  • Modelling the Predator-Prey Dynamics of Southern Snowshoe Hare Populations
  • Modelling the Swimming Behaviour of the Nematode


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